Vision Statement

Practice Character Education Together Through Service

Mission Statement

United to Serve Africa is committed to bring a seismic and systematic change to the social, economic, cultural, educational, religious and political landscape in Africa through the concept of service as a means to develop character education, true leadership and thereby good governance and prosperity to its offspring. We envision a future where every child in Africa is honored regardless of his or her background, also that he or she may have an opportunity to grow into adulthood happily and healthy with the opportunity to serve his or her country with full ability in every God-given potential and talent. We will build a coalition of conscientious people, who are “friends of Africa” and have good will towards the continent and her people.  Our mission is to stop the negative influences of Chinese and Europeans in Africa, to reform French government policies toward Africa, and to stop all impediments to growth and development in Africa.

Our efforts foster innovative approaches to reform centered on five major pillars: