Our strategy here in America will primarily focus on:

  • Building a coalition of diverse African organizations in partnership with American and any other organizations, including legislative bodies and policymakers, around the world interested in helping to solve the dilemma of recurrent poverty and political instability in Africa by working together.
  • As head-wing movement that transcends political and religious boundaries, we seek to bring a full and complete picture of Africa to all policymakers, political organizations and people of good will, here in America and around the world, who can provide any assistance in helping us to reach our objectives.
  • Organize an exchange program to sponsor American students or students of any other country interested in doing research study in Africa as well as African students who are interested in pursuing their study programs that are in concert with our mission here in America or other country around the world.
  • Encourage a coalition of religious people to work together in helping to heal the continent by taking the necessary steps to address violence and exploitation by other superpowers as the worse infringement of Human Rights values and, to implement dialog and reconciliation as a moral and spiritual imperative in order to curb the exploitation children and women and to stop war crimes by Africans against Africans.