We envision a future where every child in Africa is honored regardless of his or her background. We believe Character Education and a culture of service should be taught and cherished for all youth at a national level in every country. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to grow into adulthood and live a happy and healthy productive life. Every child should have the opportunity to serve their country to his or her full capabilities Readmore


We promote the adoption of common legislation among African countries as a strategy to negotiate treaty with other countries Readmore


We advocate policies in every African country that establish and sustain good governance and its necessity for the future generations Readmore


We will cultivate sisterhood partnerships between African and American cities, and other cities around the world, to learn and exchange a culture of peace and good governance. We promote African arts. We also promote the philosophical underpinning of Ubuntu, which teaches the principle of living for the sake of others Readmore

Human Right

We advocate for the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We advocate for the reformation of all policies in Africa that permit the exploitation of African people, African land, African governments, African economies, and African resources. This includes the predatory technique used by Chinese and European governments and investors. Readmore