Why Choose USA

Human life is an affirmation of universal Human Rights. The concept of Human Rights itself is predicated on a reaffirmation of universal values.Therefore, the concept of universal values needs strengthening. However, this concept is incomplete and unethical if it focuses only on individuals from “developed countries” as opposed to “Under developed countries”.

Africa and its 54 countries have made numerous outstanding contributions to our human civilization, which have yet to be fully appreciated by the rest of the world.  Africa has been taken advantage by many powerful countries and left in a state of hopelessness and utter chaos, facing repeated hunger, poverty, and the perilous impact of mass human migrations.

In this climate of socio-political and economic instability due to continued European and the Chinese negative influences, progress in education, economic development and even nature preservation in some places, have become unsustainable.Many people are simply left without a creative pathway to the future.This is a clear and present danger to Africa that needs to be addressed immediately.

American and African history are intrinsically tied together. America today is the microcosm of the world. What is happening in America at this moment will shape the destiny of the world and human history for generations to come. This is the time when the word “To whom much is given, much is expected” echoes deep in our heart. We are at the crossroad of history and destiny.

However, this is a crucial moment where opportunity meets responsibility. It is also the time where rights meetduty. The concept of service therefore takes another dimension of togetherness and participation on all sides. We are expected to respond to a higher call to create an alternative way in order to respond to emerging, critical threats Africa and America are facing. United to Serve Africa is here to help us all discover a new paradigm to address these critical challenges. 

At the center of all this tragedy, we can identify many factors such as religious extremism, political chaos and philosophical underpinning stemming from moral and ethical decadence. United to Serve Africa believes that, when we all move together with one heart and one will, we can easily resolve the problems that continue to plague the African continent.

We are all compelled to go to the “front line” to save Africa. We are saving ourselves, our culture, our civilization, our humaneness by these actions. We must do our best to resolve this problem together and, can do it better if we set aside our agonizing racial and religious conflicts. 

We are building a broader coalition to encourage ownership by teaching local Non Profit organizations on the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We want to help people and organizations develop a self-sustainable future as part of the Character Education initiative through the UN SDG programs.

An innovative perspective to address our critical challenges

through nurturing and cultivating the spirit of service, together.